Thursday, February 25, 2010

A list of stuff ( just because I like lists)

1. Project Runway- I adore Tim Gunn. (Not that I'd ever want to meet him, mind you. I dress so badly that it would probably give him physical pain to look at me.) In case you are some unfortunate creature living under a rock and don't know of him, he's the co-host of a fabulous and "fierce" reality show that pits young clothing designers against each other in various challenging situations, ex: must make an evening gown in just 8 hours, using only materials purchased at a corner grocery store.
Let me add that I usually HATE reality TV. The kind of thing where a bunch of people live in a camera-filled house together and gossip about each other is tacky and dull. But shows where people show a real talent, such as singing or sewing? They're a win, IMHO.

2. The Birthday of the Twins- The Dynamic Duo turn 12 this Sunday, which is kind of scary for their mom. My babies are nearly teenagers? Gah!
But it's all good, right?
The girls have opted to celebrate with lunch at a chinese restaurant and a vist to the Museum of Art and History in Geneva. (I'm so lucky to have such cool kids!)
Then, when the school holiday is over, they'll hand out invitations and we'll have a little party with their friends here at home.

3. Pumpkin Soup with Cumin and Coriander: This is a family favorite that is appearing on the table fairly often these days:
Sauté one chopped onion and 2tsp of cumin in two tablespoons of olive oil. Steam or boil about four cups of chopped pumpkin until soft. (If you boil it, drain it well afterwards). Purée the cooked onion and pumpkin til smooth, slowly adding three to four cups of chicken or vegetable bouillion. Wash and chop up a small bunch of coriander leaves? garnish each bowl with coriander, a tsp of creme fraiche (or sour cream)and homemade croutons.
Easy, yet kind of fancy, and very tasty...

4. Skeptic's Guide to the Universe: This podcast is my new "escape to reality" these days. It's about an hour and a half of discussion and debunking : urban myths, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and paranormal crud get taken on. I especially enjoy it when they go after anti-vaccine whackos and homeopathy.

5. Dingue, Dingue, Dingue- Here's some French pop for you. It's the song stuck in my head this week. Sadly, the only lyrics I know are three words to the chorus...and they're all the same word. The kids are possibly a bit tired of me singing the word "dingue" (crazy) over and over and over again...but it's a cute song! (Here's the lyrics in French and in English, if you're interested)


Joy said...

I've heard the Dingue song before, and now I know what it's called, and have another artist to explore. Thank you! :)

I will check out the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, as it sounds like something I would very much enjoy. The whole debunking of the anti-vac crowd and homeopathy reminds me of a particularly ill-thought out Christmas present Lloyd and I received one year, lol!!

Happy Birthday to your young ladies, and I look forward to some pictures from the Museum!!

Beth said...

Glad to be of service!

The Skeptics Guide crew do tend to ramble on, but I always find them interesting.
Also-that xmas gift story sounds like it might be good. Maybe the tale will appear on your blog one day? It could work well mixed in with a discussion of how the French LOVE themselves some homeopathy, bad. Have you noticed ?

Also-I'll be sure and get Tya to use her new camera and take some nice pics on sunday!

oreneta said...

Happy birthday to the girls! And thank you so much for the pumpkin soup recipe, I have rather bad luck with pumpkin soups, to the point that my family flinches if I mention it. I'll have to give this a try.

Lynda said...

Great list. Love Pumpkin soup (we like it with a Thai Twist and some prawns) - Happy Birthday to Your Twins - The french pop song made me smile... we were in Franch Summer 2008 and would all bop along to the pop music.. only we would 'pretend' to speak french... very funny.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to the twins. My bday is the 27th!

I love Project Runway too. Even Heidi Klum has grown on me. But, Tim Gunn is great.

Have a good weekend.