Sunday, February 07, 2010

We just spent three days with no heat in our home and no hot water. The crazy (malfunctioning) gauge had me convinced that we still had at least 500 literes left. But we didn't. And nobody could get me a delivery any time soon. Most places offered to bring some in a week. It was -5F outside and I was not going to last a week with no heat. I ended up making a second call to my usual supplier and shamelessly begging him to find a solution. He promised a few liters for Thursday, so we settled in to wait. The electric space heater had just short circuited , so there was no help there. We mostly huddled around the fireplace and I boiled endless pots of water on the woodstove. Luckily, my girls are all big " Little House on the Prairie" fans and they actually thought it was fun to have their mom wash their hair using a bucket of water.

The builder came on Thurday and started on the new addition to the house, but after a few hours, he covered everything in plastic and said he'd come back when "the weather is good"(which, considering the fact that we are in the French Alps, could be in April). The plastic tarps are all nailed down, effectively sealing up our back door. And now everything is covered by a foot of snow.

Then, Mallory broke a chunk out of her front tooth, whacked in the face by a bar on a ski lift. (Can you say "ouch!"?)

Also, the oven is broken.

Add to that a burned-out computer monitor, and that about sums up the last week for me.

It's been...interesting.


Joy said...

Oooh, not fun, Beth! That is one heck of a week. "Interesting" is one very good word to describe it. I can think of many other, saltier, words. ;p

My sympathies to Mallory, from one previously chip-toothed person to another, and I hope that the weather clears soon for the renovation to continue.

Hugs to you, Beth! I hope next week is a much better one. (((hugs)))

The Pliers said...

Holy Moholy Nagy, Batwoman!

When it rains, it tsunamis!!!

Oh, by the way, OUCH!

I can totally relate to the girls thinking it is fun to have you wash their hair with a bucket. It is always exciting to find that one can triumph over the elements! Kind of like "Lord of the Flies" without the Lord or the flies. Cool!

I do hope that the cavalry arrives soon with provisions and that, in the meantime, y'all continue to have fun on the prairie. I'd be cold on the prairie with you anyday!

Teacher Mommy said...

What has been UP with this week? It has been so crappy for so many people!

I am very, very sorry that you had to go all pioneer. Ugh.

Kelly said...

Hang in there! Hope it warms up for you over there. we have some very cold weather, too.

Lynda said...

There certainly must be something in the air... I had a similar week, culminating in last Friday, where I threw in the towel and retreated to lick my wounds. Today seems better - hope it is for you too.