Friday, February 26, 2010

You all HAVE to go have a look at Valentine's latest art project for school.

The assignment was to use photography or video in conjunction with one other art technique (painting, sculpture, whatever) to make a piece portraying a daily activity in a humorous way.

She ended up using a picture of an old Flemish domestic painting and having some fun with it. She changed it up and incorporated pics of our whole family.

I think she did an amazing job, but you should go see for yourselves.

BTW: It would be nice of you to leave her an encouraging comment, too. She likes that.


Joy said...

Done! For some reason, Tya's blog hasn't been showing up in my dashboard lately. And I about had kittens today, trying to get pictures onto my last post. Blogger does seem to be buggy lately, grrrr!

Heidi said...

What a cool project :)

oreneta said...

I've subscribed a while ago to her blog, she doesn't post often, but it's well worth the wait-