Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I had to do some blog-housekeeping recently and make some changes. Lately, I've been getting all kinds of freaky, annoying spam in my comments section and I finally got tired of sorting through it.

So, now when you comment, you'll have to give an ID and write the funny words in the tiny box.

I wish spammers would...go away on a permanent basis. If I were a less nice person, I'd just go ahead and say they should DIE, along with people who create and send out computer viruses.

Oh, what the heck- who ever said I was nice?



Joy said...

I shall join you in a rousing chorus of DIE, SPAMMERS, DIE!!

Good luck with a spam-free future, Beth!

The Pliers said...

Well, let me be the first, or thereabouts, non-spammer to congratulate you on wishing death to 'bots. I hope the new system works wonders!

oreneta said...


Spammers suck.

I had to put a captcha on my site too because of the spam....it's a drag, but what can you do.