Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I haven't been posting often, as most of the subjects I've wanted to write about seem to demand at least one small photo to illustrate them...and I seem to have picked up a computer virus (?!) that prevents me from using any photos or attachments. At all.
And it's not just with Blogspot- also Gmail and any other site where I try to load my own photos. Very odd.
I've got a computer specialist coming on Thursday night to help me out. I sure hope he can figure out what's wrong and fix it, asap!

As soon as my computer is working right, expect pics and posts about:
The twins' birthday outing in Geneva
The progress on the addition to the house
French comic book characters
Tya's artwork
The twins' 12th birthday party (coming up this Sunday) which will feature a fairy cat cake designed by yours truly. i'm already working on the sketches for it. Could end up being cute. Odd, but cute.


Joy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your computer troubles, Beth. Soo frustrating for you, I'm sure. I look forward to the posts, whenever they arrive! Good luck with the cake - it sounds like fun!!

oreneta said...

Looking forward to the sorry to hear about the virus, we're struggling with one now at work. The number of working hours lost to cleaning up after this kind of crap.

The Pliers said...

This is better than les feuilletons! I hope that the IT man works his magic and gets you back to LIFE magazine status with your photos! That would be quite a handicap in my universe so I can imagine how you might be feeling–frustrated!!!

Next time we correspond, I might be just down the street, comparatively-thinking.