Friday, March 05, 2010

Birthday Girls!

Last Sunday, the twins turned 12 years old. As a friend recently pointed out, this is probably the last "kid" birthday for them. At 12, they still ask for Barbies and Playmobil as gifts.

At 13? Not so much.

Actually, Mallory asked for books. As is often the case, Alexa didn't have any idea of what to ask for. It's funny that Mal has such definite ideas about...everything, while Alexa is much more laid back and vague about things.

And it's been that way since they were born. When she was small, Mallory would grumble and howl to get things just how she liked them- while Alexa laid ( and then sat) around looking serene and generally ok with the world as it was.

So, the zen girl got a video game involving music (she likes music) and a tiny digital photo frame

Then we had our outing. The buffet at the Chinese restaurant was a big success. The food was good and the decor was satisyingly oriental, in that crazy-tacky Chinese restaurant way that is so entertaining.

Afterwards, we went to Geneva:
The Museum of Art and History is rather small, but has some great pieces. Severin enjoyed the swords and armour, while the girls preferred the paintings.

Here's Alexa in front of some gorgeous peonies by Renoir.

And here's Mallory's favorite- a painting depicting a happy family of farmers apparently enjoying a picnic with all of their livestock. That's what I call cruelty-free farming!

That evening, for about 20 minutes, Mallory was 12 years old and Alexa was still only 11. Mal enjoyed it while it lasted, but Al was very happy when the clock finally hit 8:50pm. She could finally say she was really a whole year older!


The Pliers said...

Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. The girls look so mature. But, believe me when I say, I took 2, make that 3... 4? Barbies to France. I wasn't leaving home without them. All mine got given off and lost/stolen at one point. I don't think I got consulted on that and I wanted them back. So, never be too sure about Barbie® losing her charm, if only as an icon, of any sort one likes.

My fingers fairly trembled as I gazed upon a Barbie® flight attendant last Saturday in a Toys 'R' Us over in hell-and-gone!

I'm just sayin'...

oreneta said...

Happy birthday to them both!!!!!

2o minutes, must have been busy for you back then.

Happy Mom day too.