Friday, March 19, 2010

I've been working on some posts-mostly about French culture and such- but can't manage finish anything. Spring has sprung in the French Alps and I can't seem to keep still in front of a screeen. I'd much rather be outside admiring my bright yellow crocus patch...

The addition to the house ? Well, the builders have got all the doors and windows on and put the interior wood panelling in. Their work is done.
Lucky dogs.
Now there's lots for us to do. JP will do as much as he can by himself, with a bit of help from a neighbor and maybe our kids.

What's left?

Flooring (insulation and then stratified floorboards)
Heat (drill hole through kitchen wall and add on a radiator out in the new room)
Paint (one ugly cement wall which used to be the exterior of the west side of the house)
Light (Agree on, purchase and put up some light fixtures!)
Varnish (interior walls and ceiling with transparent UV protection)
More varnish (exterior+shutters+the carport)

So, plenty to do there.

The REALLY big news is that Tya is leaving for Germany.... at 2am this Saturday morning. That's only about 16 hours from now! She's leaving on a bus with a bunch of classmates and some teachers. They'll all be lodged with various host families in a small town not far from Berlin. Tya's very excited. She'll only be gone a week, so expect a full report on her blog very soon.


oreneta said...

Good news all around! Have a lovely time Tya!!!!

Joy said...

Ah, the lovely distractions of Spring! :) Yay! for the progress on the addition, and Have fun, Tya!!