Monday, March 29, 2010

The first order of the day is to wish a very

to my faithful friend and constant blog reader, Babzee.

The next is to show you all what has been keeping me away from my computer lately.

No, I haven't been out enjoying the good weather. There's been none of that to be had around here. There's been nothing but cold rain- perfect weather to be sitting in front of a sewing machine and making tons of stuff!
My first project was to sew two sets of curtains for the living room. JP had picked up some fabric last time he was in Burkina and it had been laying around for the last two months, constantly whimpering " Sew me!" at me every time I passed by the crumpled plastic sack in which it was forced to live out its sad days. Maybe this was all just in my head, but that didn't make it any less disturbing.

As my old machine isn't fixed yet, I've borrowed one from a friend. It's white, plastic and very modern, but it works pretty darn well. I'm enjoying the heck out of the fancy zigzag stitch it has.

(Why no, I don't get out much. Why do you ask?)

When my kitty and I were done with the orange, African-ish curtains, we got right onto another project: an adorable pioneer outfit for Mallory!

The fabric is...old sheets that I got from my MIL! So, price-wise, this was a complete win.
I didn't even pay for a pattern- not that I'd easily find one in France. I would have had to special-order it at the fabric store.
So, I designed the dress and bonnet myself!

When it was done, we decided that it was still a little plain. So, I added a matching pocket on the apron and sewed up a cute pair of bloomers to go under the dress.

Mallory has been learning to embroider and she wanted to decorate a handkerchief to go with her outfit. So, I sewed one up for her and she put her initials and a flower on it. You can click on the pic of the skirt detail to see it a bit better. She's actually quite good and is working on a cute cross-stitch bib right now.

I would have KILLED to own this outfit when I was a young Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. I loved the books and read them many, many times. I watched the tv show, but with less enthusiasm. The only thing it seemed to have in common with the books was the setting and the names of the characters. SO annoying and disappointing!

The impetus for making this? Well, this summer, we'll be camping up near DSmet, South Dakota! We'll get to see the real Little Town on the Prairie and go the the annual pageant up there. This is something I've wanted to do for years. luckily, my three girls are all fans and are completely up for it. the men of the family are going along with it and won't protest too much ...unless I try to dress them up in old sheets, too!

My next project? Making a pioneer outfit for Alexa, of course! And i'm alos in the middle of making her a new Renaissance faire outfit.

Plus, there's tons of repair work to do. Now that the machine is out and running, it seems that everyone has ripped pants and torn shirts for me to fix... And no, you can't mail me yours to fix. I adore you guys, but I have to draw the line somewhere!


Kelly said...

That is very impressive--and without a pattern, to boot.

I love that you let your cat sit on the table.

Teacher Mommy said...

Adorable! And you are both very talented.

Wow...South Dakota? That seems amazingly close to Michigan compared to, say, France. I wonder if we could work out some way to meet up...

oreneta said...

What fun! How does Desmeet look now? There is apparently a museum in the Appalachians where they lived at the end....Pa's violin is there and all.

Beth said...

Kelly- I promise that we don't let her sit on the table during meals and we wash it very well before each use!

oreneta- actually, we're planning to go to Mansfield, Missouri (Gem of the Ozarks) to visit Rocky Ridge farm...that's where she lived out most of her life. Yes, Pa's fiddle is there and Mary's organ, too!

TM- That would be amazing! Let's try to figure something out when I get my schedule more solid!

Joy said...

What a fabulous costume! I would have loved one like that when I was in the middle of Little House, too. (I *did* roast a pig's tail in the coals, once, though!) Enjoy your time back home, Beth, and your sewing. :)

Beth said...

How was it???!!

And more importantly: Did you make the bladder into a ballon and play with it?