Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Book: The Ice Master: The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk- I’m not generally a big fan of non-fiction, but I make an exception for books about early polar exploration. I don’t know why , exactly. When my interest began, back in Burkina, I thought maybe it was because reading about people freezing to death made me feel less miserably hot. But that theory doesn’t seem to hold any (ice) water because I now live somewhere with very long, cold winters and I still love me some polar adventure. And this is a good one. Based on a mountain of diaries, newspaper accounts and some interviews, this account of a Canadian scientific voyage gone very, very wrong could have been very, very dry. But Jennifer Niven keeps the story engaging. It’s an amazing book!

The TV series: Dollhouse.
Joss Whedon-how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways…
( Buffy, Angel,
Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible and now, Dollhouse)
OK. Six.
I love thee six ways, baby.
(Apologies to E. Barrett Browning- but I figure she can take the damage)
Like everything Whedon has done, it's thought-provoking, creative, touching and funny. And, like the amazing and beloved Firefly, was cancelled by the networks after only a short run.

The Music Video: TikTok is THE song of the moment, I'm sorry to say. But, much as I'm not a fan, I’ve listened to it several times lately. I wanted to watch the cute video my cousin’s daughter made with a friend.
I’m not sure how appropriate it is. The cans of Mountain Dew labeled as Jack Daniels were kind of disturbing.
And the lyrics "Boys trying to touch my junk"? Well, maybe it refers to people rummaging through her box of old Barbies at a garage sale...
But it’s all in good fun. And she wants lots of people to watch it. And her mom is very sick right now with cancer.
So, cheer up Mikayla and watch her video. 'Favorite' it and star it up, even. She's a sweetie.

The Podcast: AV Talk - This is my go-to movie review place

The Home Improvement Project: That would be the new room being added to our house. And right now, as I write this, there are workers in it nailing on the interior wood paneling! Progress is being made!!


oreneta said...

Workers nailing things is definitely a Good Thing! Congrats!

Joy said...

Yay for progress on the addition! How much more until it is finished?

Books... I love books. But this would be a little too dry for me, I think, although Lloyd would probably quite enjoy it. I shall have to request it at the library when we get back home.

Joss Whedon - YES!! ;) Buffy rocks!

I watched the music video late last night, with my three year old daughter on my lap. (She snuck out of bed!) The girls were cute in the video, but what alarmed me the most was my three year old singing right along with much of the song. I hadn't realized how much top 40 we had been listening to on the radio in the car these past months. Back to children's CDs for us!!

babzee said...

I know you're no fan of poetry (unless it is rapped) but Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote that "How do I love thee" thingee. I heard a line from Tennyson attributed to Shakespeare on TV the other night and I'm starting to feel like a high school graduate. Forgive me for throwing around my meager learnings.

Beth said...

Gah! Thanks for not leaving me to languish in humiliated error...I have edited the post so I don't seem like such a dope! You are the BEST, Babs!

Joy- I feel your pain. Sweet little children singing songs about drunken revels is NOT what the world needs. BTW- do you guys listen to The Chenille Sisters? Their kid music is SO amazing!!

O- Thanks!

Joy said...

We shall check out the Chenille Sisters, and I totally missed the EBB quote, too. :}

And the kids have made up their own version of Tik-Tok... The only words they get right now are "tik-tok on the clock" - that, I can live with! Oh! And they get that oh-oh-oh line down pretty good, but they like pretending to be dogs while they sing that line, lol!